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11:58 15-04-2020
Jackie Fallows
Returned from walk 15 mins ago to find house martins back at the nest. Yay!
19:58 14-04-2020
Gareth W
Caldwell area, Willow Warblers have arrived, 8 counted. Fieldfare 41, heading east. Many Wood Pigeons are still in the area with one flock containing 78.
19:18 14-04-2020
Nick Morgan
Ringed Plover, three Yellow Wags and two Wheatear in Ainderby today
16:35 14-04-2020
Steve Clough
Male Pied Flycatcher River Swale, Strands.
22:11 13-04-2020
Nick Morgan
Four Yellow Wagtails on a tiny flood pool in Ainderby this evening
20:54 13-04-2020
Melanie Jane Redfear
Hundreds of swallows and some sand martins doing aerial display over lake in Catterick Village, also pair of goosander.
18:54 13-04-2020
Gareth W
Forcett Hall, there were c210 Sand Martin over the lake, this number also includes a few Swallows and House Martins. 62 Fieldfare were flying east. A Redstart flew over the road near Caldwell. No sign of the Corn Bunting at East Layton but that might be down to the cold wind.
16:30 13-04-2020
Nick Morgan
Hi Lucy, it seems to be a reasonably good year for Corn Buntings, I have had two singing birds in Ainderby (which is the first for some years) and within Ainderby/Morton together ten singing individuals
12:34 13-04-2020
Lucy Woodward
a Corn bunting on top of a hedgerow near East Layton yesterday afternoon - never seen one on my rides before - on the red list which isnt good
11:37 13-04-2020
Jim Brettell
Monday morning 6 Waxwings in tall tree in the NW corner of the Garden Village, Richmond - viewed from High Riding
13:51 12-04-2020
Steve Clough
Redstart Gunnerside this morning
11:51 12-04-2020
Willow warbler singing in Croft this morning
12:54 11-04-2020
Lucy Woodward
70 Swans in the field next to the road at Ellerton yesterday afternoon. Was cycling so couldnt id. type but thought I saw 1 Whooper amongst a few.
11:48 11-04-2020
Smallways by bike, 20 Black-tailed Godwit, Ruff, 2 LR Plover and a brief reel from a Grasshopper Warbler. A Yellow Wagtail was near Hutton Magna and an Orange Tip was flying near Caldwell.
10:50 11-04-2020
Nick Morgan
Redstart in Ainderby yesterday evening but very quiet today
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