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09:50 31-05-2021
Spoonbill still at Thorpe Farm 7.30am
09:38 29-05-2021
Nick Morgan
Just had a report of Quail calling at Whitwell
12:05 28-05-2021
Smallways Lake, the first Avocet family with one chick. The sitting Curlew has 3 newly hatched young with a possible 4th still being brooded.
10:17 26-05-2021
Gareth Wainwright
Smallways Lake, 4 Common Tern
16:22 24-05-2021
Nick Morgan
My wife just had a Red Kite low over Morton on Swale bridge, heading upstream
18:59 23-05-2021
Sylvia Brennan
Single Avocet, 4 juv Ringed Plover with parent and a common Sandpiper on one of the gravel pits at Scorton this lunchtime.
15:55 20-05-2021
Caldwell, Garden Warbler and Spotted Flycatcher.
06:30 19-05-2021
Mel Redfearn
Barningham moors, grey partridge, skylark and lots of mistle thrushes. Also heard a cuckooo, first for years and only 2nd sighting of grey partridge.
08:07 18-05-2021
Ian Webster
Near Middleham. 1Nightjar churring , Woodcock, Cuckoo and Barn Owl.
07:49 17-05-2021
Mel Redfearn
Scorton GP on Sat, single avocet.
20:42 16-05-2021
Gareth W
Smallways Lake. A male Marsh Harrier.
19:51 16-05-2021
mick and sylvia
Little Egret and Common Sandpiper on the river at Great Langton today. Plenty of Blackcap there too.
13:22 12-05-2021
john Rodmell
Borrowby, Thirsk.Around 8.45 each evening the Jackdaws of the village and surrounds gather en mass and go for a noisy circuit or two of the village. The other night this was circa 300.Has anyone else noticed this habit of theirs. Collective noun "A clatter of Jackdaws."
07:54 12-05-2021
Mel Redfearn
Swifts seen in Catterick Village and swallows seen to have arrived en masse.
15:18 11-05-2021
Steve Clough
Keld on Swale 2 Spot Fly, and 2 Pied Fly.
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