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10:06 28-04-2021
Gareth W
Smallways Lake: 2 Swift.
22:39 27-04-2021
Tracy Little
Sparrowhawk eating a collared dove in a Reeth garden!
13:52 27-04-2021
Jackie Fallows
Rather a late posting I'm afraid. Saturday morning at Nosterfield LNR: plenty of warblers, including chiffchaff, willow warbler, blackcap, whitethroat, sedge warbler and a garden warbler.
12:29 27-04-2021
Smallways Lake: A Whimbrel dropped into Smallways with 2 Curlew. They spent 10 minutes at the lake then all 3 left together flying west.

Thorpe Farm had a Little Egret and a Yellow Wagtail was calling.
17:19 25-04-2021
David Miller
Feldom Ranges and Brignal Woods this morning. Two male and three female black grouse, pair of grey partridge, six pairs of red legged partridge, two snipe sat on fence posts, lovely view of skylark sat on fencepost, two buzzards, willow warbler, blackcap, dipper on river greta, mistle thrush, treecreeper, green woodpecker heard not seen. Not bird related stag roe deer.
15:54 25-04-2021
Ian Webster
Swift ( 1 ) near Middleham.
07:43 25-04-2021
Nick Morgan
Male Pied Fly in neighbour's garden last night.
10:18 24-04-2021
Jackie Fallows
Single turtle dove feeding at Sutton Bank visitor centre yesterday at 17.40.
09:20 24-04-2021
whitethroat picking over my apple tree in Hudswell
19:55 23-04-2021
Bolton-on-swale yet, 12+ Yellow Wagtails and 1 Blue-headed Wagtail on the field opposite the screen
19:35 23-04-2021
Gareth W
Brignal Woods: 3 Pied Flycatcher, 6 Redstart, 2 Green Woodpecker and 3 Lesser Redpoll. A Common Snipe was at Smallways.
17:58 23-04-2021
Lucy Woodward
Little Egret near Jolby mill on Jolby lane yesterday afternoon - a mile out of Croft
18:52 22-04-2021
Smallways, Med gull and Common Sandpiper.

Brignal woods, lots of Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff singing, Blackcap, Dipper and Pied Flycatcher

Scargill, 3 Fieldfare
19:17 21-04-2021
Pretty sure there was a goshawk over Richmond this morning. I was driving so not ideal, but it gave the impression of being different, an oversized sparrowhawk with a slow deep flappy wing beat. Unfortunately I couldn't easily stop so couldn't get more id features.
09:07 21-04-2021
Flock of 20 - 30 Fieldfare near Hauxwell Hall yesterday pm.
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