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17:27 26-06-2020
Gareth W
Common and Green Sandpiper at Smallways this afternoon.
21:55 23-06-2020
David Miller
Walk through Witcliffe woods and along part of the coast to coast walk. Female blackcap, great spotted woodpeckers feeding young on top of a fence post, three grey partridge, linnet, plenty of swallow and nuthatch activity, two distinct green woodpeckers calling but not seen.
16:35 22-06-2020
Andy B
While watering the garden flower troughs yesterday evening I disturbed a Light Orange Underwing moth, it flew off landed on the lawn rested a while then took off over the garage.
18:09 20-06-2020
p sheehan
Osprey and red kite Nosterfield 5pm
16:58 20-06-2020
An Osprey flew south over Smallways Lake a 15.40 this afternoon.
16:47 19-06-2020
Nick Morgan
Unity, there were two Ravens seens over Romanby and a possible sighting of two to the east of Warlaby earlier this spring
10:53 18-06-2020
Unity Stack
Overhead, while working in my small garden in middle of Brompton, Northallerton - a pair of ravens, very high up, 'in formation' at all times, no calls which would have clinched the matter, but with binocs, I had long hard look. Since April I have occasionally thought I have seen a raven, always high up and even thought I heard a very distant call from the east, but put this down to wishful thinking. Any other comparable sightings?
19:50 17-06-2020
Barbara Crinson
Quick hop off the bike at Skeeby bridge this morning to check on the welfare of the Sand Martins after the recent rain. Traffic an issue so only a few minutes of observation was possible. 6 holes were entered and I could see 5 well-grown chicks peeping out of the tunnels. No sign of the pair of Dippers during my brief visit.
(The heat and humidity at Staveley on Monday afternoon encouraged the emergence of many dragonflies and this, in turn, lured in a delightful Hobby. Twinkle toes were needed all day to avoid standing on the thousands of mini-frogs on the paths! The reserve was truly buzzing with activity.)
5 hours have been spent this afternoon nurturing a racing pigeon back to full strength with the aid of water, plenty zzzzs and a tummy full of nyger seed and sunflower hearts! That's my good deed for the day and I shall sleep easy tonight.
13:59 16-06-2020
Smallways Lake, A Wigeon with 7 chicks.
16:33 14-06-2020
Tony Burn
Thanks for the reply about the bees Gareth,Quite happy to leave them to it-more bees the better.Regards Tony.
13:58 14-06-2020
Tony, I got this from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website.
The colony will only be active from spring until late July, when all the bumblebees naturally die off, and the ‘new queens’ leave in search of somewhere underground to hibernate. Their nests do not cause any structural damage to their surroundings, and the best thing to do is leave them be to carry out their natural lifecycle. Read on to find out more about Tree bumblebees…
13:50 14-06-2020
Steve C
No sign of Black Tern 12:45pm on Banks Lane or Tancred Grange Lakes but thanks for heads up Andy.
12:51 14-06-2020
Andy B
Possible Black Tern at Back Scorton on lake left of windsock
18:23 13-06-2020
Tony Burn
Just a question about tree bumblebees.In one of my nest boxes they have taken over from the blue tits and seem to be thriving.At the end of the year can I clean the box out or do they overwinter
14:03 13-06-2020
Steve Clough
Short walk around Butter Tubs/Lovely Seat area curlew, golden plover, lapwing, red grouse, wheatear, meadow pipit, and two pairs of dunlin in breeding habitat.
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