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22:29 08-10-2020
Mike Wood
5 Little Egrets in a flooded field NW of Aldbrough St John at 1pm today, the first time I have seen more than a single LE in the Melsonby/Aldbrough area. Looked like a family group, might they have nested somewhere in the area?
20:47 08-10-2020
Jackie Fallows
Slightly out of area, but first visit to Ripon City Wetlands this afternoon. Thousands of greylags, some canadas, one bar-headed goose, one possible white-fronted goose (definite white front, but a very pale bird), kingfisher, 4 crossbill, one blackcap and a Cetti's.
18:42 01-10-2020
Chris Knight
Singing willow warbler and chiffchaff, joined by garden warbler and blackcap this morning, plus a newly emerged small tortoiseshell. I still have half a dozen swallow in the stable too. It wouldn’t feel like the 1st October were it not for my first redwings, a flushed woodcock, growing numbers of snipe and meadow pipit and a healthy movement of jays and goldcrests.
21:04 29-09-2020
Geoff Robertson
Chiffchaff calling in my garden in Darlington this morning.
18:49 29-09-2020
Spotted flycatcher still hanging about at Moulton today, feeding on an abundance of flies, seems to have been a big hatch of something in the last day or two, enjoying the last of the summer sunshine.
17:58 28-09-2020
Gaz Atkinson
1000s of geese heading south over Catterick Village every evening at present, I’m presuming the same ones which head north over head towards Bolton/Scorton lakes first thing on a morning
Seem to be all greylags - never had this many before. Anyone know of any reason why or where they head to?
18:09 24-09-2020
Mel Redfearn
3 white geese in middle of 100's flying over Catterick Village this evening.
17:15 22-09-2020
Cattle Egret at Bolton-on-swale 17.00
11:24 22-09-2020
Gareth W
A Red Kite was at Smalllways this morning.
08:26 21-09-2020
Mike Wood
Chiffchaff singing in our garden in Melsonby on Saturday morning and again this morning.
10:12 18-09-2020
Gareth W
A single Water Rail was seen at Smallways Lake this morning. The last time I saw this species at this site was 2004.
10:47 16-09-2020
Gareth W
Smallways Lake, 5 Pink-footed Geese.
10:29 15-09-2020
David Miller
Feldom ranges and Helwith. Five black grouse displaying, good views of covey of grey partridge, three buzzard. Numerous jays, and two green woodpeckers, and a pair of stonechat.
19:24 14-09-2020
Jackie Fallows
100+ hirundines SE over the house 17.45-18.25. Mostly house martins, but a few swallows in there too. The majority were very high and only visible through binoculars.
18:39 14-09-2020
Nick Morgan
Marsh Harrier over the garden heading south-west. First Ainderby record since 1943!
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