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07:55 05-10-2019
Gaz Atkinson
First flock of Fieldfare 20+ over catterick village yesterday.
Loads of jays around, shortage of acorns again in Europe maybe?
19:04 04-10-2019
Nick Morgan
Two skeins of Pinkfeet over Kirby Wiske just now
17:52 04-10-2019
Nick Morgan
A few Jay moving over Ainderby this evening as well
13:16 04-10-2019
Martin WW
Jay yesterday in High Fremington (v unusual here)
18:58 02-10-2019
Some late swallows still about yesterday in the lee of Hag and Redbrow Woods, (west of Hudswell church) hunting for flies that were sheltering from the rain. Large flocks of tits starting to form, several seen today in the same area that also included a few chiffchaff.
17:53 21-09-2019
Group Event reminder
Walk to Old Scorton Quarry

Sunday 22nd Sept 10.00 am

Location: Meet at the Scorton Road CP 10.00am on the B6271 to Scorton Village at DL10 6AB for a walk across Back Scorton to Old Scorton Quarry & return
Postcode: DL10 6AB (Google map)

Meet at the Scorton Road CP 10.00am on the B6271 to Scorton Village at DL10 6AB for a walk across Back Scorton to Old Scorton Quarry & return.

Please wear suitable shoes or boots. Packed lunch may be advisable, this will be a longer version of one of the winter walks.

Price: Free
17:59 15-09-2019
Peter Ramsden
Ruddy shelduck on 13th at Nosterfield Quarry. Also hobby over reedbed catching dragonfly . This is 5th hobby seen this year in local area. Are they getting more common or have I just been lucky?
20:08 13-09-2019
Nick Morgan
Peregrine by the river at Morton this evening
19:38 12-09-2019
Nick, they only stayed for a couple of minutes before a Buzzard spooked them.
16:32 12-09-2019
Nick Morgan
That must be the highest ever count of Knot in this area Gareth
16:09 12-09-2019
Smallways Lake: 15 Knot, Greenshank, Ringed Plover, 6 Ruff, Dunlin, c12 Snipe and 3 Avocet.
22:38 09-09-2019
James Robson
Any photos of the Stork Liz? Did you notice any rings? Thanks
11:10 04-09-2019
Liz Newham
Stork was in amongst geese on arable stubble just 400m from Kiplin Hall lake on Monday.
19:48 28-08-2019
Gareth W
Smallways Lake, 2 Greenshank and 3 Avocet. One of the Avocet had a yellow leg Flag but it was too far away to note numbers/letters.
10:30 23-08-2019
Martin WW
Swifts still around Fremington yesterday
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