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19:15 22-04-2020
Gareth W
A Lesser Whitethroat was singing at Hutton Magna this morning.
17:28 21-04-2020
Tony Burn
1st swallow of year for me over garden in Bagby at 15.00 today.
18:41 20-04-2020
Steve Clough
Fieldfare and two Redwing still hanging on in Gunnerside Gill today plus one merlin. Of interest a friend who lives above Gunnerside at about 300m had a Ring Ouzel commit hari kari by flying into one of her windows yesterday☹️
18:22 20-04-2020
Jackie Fallows
3 Swallows on morning walk, but best was brief flash of Kingfisher on the Swale. Nice one for my 55th during lockdown.
14:00 19-04-2020
Ian Webster
Ulshaw nr Middleham.
1.Swift, 1.House Martin,1.Red Kite. 9.Buzzards.
11:25 19-04-2020
Robin king
5 yellow wagtails, a wheatear, at least 3 willow warblers at standalone croft this morning
05:52 19-04-2020
Andy Johnston
Hobby overScruton yesterday afternoon.
17:39 18-04-2020
Gareth W
A Red Kite was circling near Caldwell this afternoon.
10:37 18-04-2020
Several tree pipits seen from Bridleway on training area near end of Green Lane, Hudswell. Quite a few fieldfare still about, 90 or so flew over Hudswell yesterday.
19:02 17-04-2020
Steve Clough
Garden warbler Rowleth nr Gunnerside
17:09 17-04-2020
Gareth W
Lucy, thank you for the location of the Corn Bunting.
14:34 17-04-2020
Garden warbler on Underbank just north of Hudswell and three pied flycatcher singing in Hag Wood.
09:53 17-04-2020
Chris Knight
House Martins back in Thrintoft this morning. They feel late based on other records on this website, but they’re the earliest I’ve had them back by 7 days since I started keeping records in 2016.
06:43 17-04-2020
Mel Redfearn
Sandpiper seen around edge of lake in Catterick Village, haven't seen one there for 4 years.
11:56 16-04-2020
Lucy Woodward
For Gareth...exact location was just west of Melsonby, West Lane. I was riding west...near to the driveways of Bracken House farm and Low Grange quarry. Ive put it on the BTO.
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