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08:47 16-06-2019
Tim Burton
Stang Forest last night. 1 Nightjar male churring and flying immediately overhead. Also 2 Woodcock Roding, 3 Tawny Owl and Cuckoo calling.
15:19 14-06-2019
Gareth W
A Marsh Harrier flew over Smallways Lake at 13:45 heading South. The Inner primaries were missing on each wing.

It was also good to see 3 pairs of Oystercatcher with young; two with a single chick and the other with a pair.
19:34 11-06-2019
Gareth W
John Cooper, I have responded to the message you left on Twitter, regarding lost items.
13:03 09-06-2019
Gareth Wainwright
Smallways Lake. It looks like all 7 Avocet nests have failed due to the recent rain and flooding. A real shame because some of the clutches were not far from hatching.
19:16 07-06-2019
Trevor Percival
Fulmar not 'Fuller (Predictive text!)
19:13 07-06-2019
Trevor Percival
Fuller over Redmire @ 1706 on 7th June flying east
12:41 05-06-2019
Osprey Leighton Res at 12:30 today
17:43 03-06-2019
Gareth W
Smallways Lake, Sanderling 3, Little Gull and an Avocet with a yellow flag on its left leg. Due to the haze I could not read the number on the flag.
14:58 03-06-2019
Miss Lucy Woodward
A leucistic House Sparrow in Neasham. A resident I 49 Teesway :)
Very noticeable as I passed on my bike.
20:57 02-06-2019
Gareth W
The Little Gull was still at Smallways on Sunday afternoon.
19:01 31-05-2019
Gareth W
A Quail was calling from a field near Caldwell this afternoon.
12:28 31-05-2019
Gareth W
A Little Gull was at Smallways this morning
10:25 27-05-2019
Miss Lucy Woodward
A cuckoo calling on the bank above Carlton in Cleveland last Friday
10:09 26-05-2019
Gareth W
A Kittiwake was at Smallways Lake this morning.
19:45 24-05-2019
Crooks House Marsh, NW of Barningham.

Avocet 5, Redshank 8, Dunlin 3, Lapwing 24 and a displaying Snipe.
The Avocet may have come from Smallways, one of the birds had rings that looked familiar. I called at Smallways and counted only 8 Avocet so it might be a reasonable call.
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