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17:53 01-04-2021
Tony Burn
Chiffchaff in Dalton(Thirsk) churchyard about15.00 today and 2 Swallows sat on wires.
09:18 01-04-2021
Mike Gibson
About 50 Whoopers going north over Hunton just now
20:36 31-03-2021
Forgot - also lots of oystercatchers too!
20:35 31-03-2021
Between Reeth & Tan Hill Inn today - meadow pipits, stonechats, 1 black grouse, 1 golden plover, small flocks of pink-footed geese, curlews, grouse, and dropping down from Tan Hill Inn on the Keld road watched two short-eared owls hunting, watched one catch a vole/mouse and eat it! Gorgeous sunny day
13:19 31-03-2021
Melanie Jane Redfear
Four buzzards flying on the thermals over Catterick Village.
10:59 31-03-2021
Caldwell: c 120 Whooper Swan flew west over my house this morning.
17:19 30-03-2021
Geoff Robertson
Single swallow in Barningham village at lunchtime today
15:47 30-03-2021
driving out of Richmond late morning towards Skeeby, a single swallow winged its way across the road and out across the fields.
13:30 30-03-2021
Gaz Atkinson
First house Martin’s over Catterick Village
10:44 30-03-2021
Steve Clough
First wheatear Blades Swaledale three together MMFm
17:07 29-03-2021
John G
Osprey! By some two weeks the earliest I have ever seen in the UK. Flew over my house then onwards directly over Richmond Castle and Richmond. Clearly on the move as it just kept straight on.
18:32 23-03-2021
Chris Knight
2 Ruff on the floodwater outside Langton this afternoon. Also a ringed (or little ringed - too far to tell) plover. Good turnover of birds here - I had gadwall and shoveler on Sunday replacing shelduck, wigeon and teal on Saturday.
18:29 23-03-2021
Bolton-on-Swale, lots of Sand Martins across the lake this afternoon and a single Whooper with Mute swans in field next to lakeside
17:55 23-03-2021
Tony Burn
Two siskins m/f on feeders (sunflower hearts) in garden at Bagby today.
16:51 22-03-2021
John G
Peregrine falcon 20 feet from me in a tree on Easby Lane, Richmond this afternoon. However, when it flew I could see it was wearing jesses. There was no sign of a falconer so I presume it was an escaped bird. It never flew far from me so either it was used to humans or it regarded me as a tasty prey item!
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