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18:53 18-10-2019
Gareth W
In the uplands today: Starling c55, Buzzard 7, Red Grouse 28, Raven 7, Crow 3, Kestrel, Red Kite, Stonechat 2, Peregrine juv, Lapwing c170, Golden Plover c 340, and a Merlin chasing a Pipit like bird.
17:54 18-10-2019
A late wheatear seen in Upper Wharfedale today, perched on the side of the road above Cray.
12:12 18-10-2019
John Ginnever
Great White Egret showing well from Lingham Lake Screen this morning.
13:28 17-10-2019
Andy Johnston
C200 pinks heading south 1.0pm past Scruton.
11:06 14-10-2019
Nick Morgan
Slavonian Grebe on Lingham, at 9 am, and a Great White Egret visible from reedbed viewing screen at 9:30 am
11:34 11-10-2019
Slavonian Grebe still on Lingham, Nosterfield this morning, 10 a.m
20:04 10-10-2019
Stephen H
Red Kite flew over the Skeeby to scotch corner road A6108 yesterday afternoon, they should be seen regularly around here !!!! But there's hope yet
14:17 10-10-2019
Mike Wood
Chiffchaff still giving intermittent sub-song in our Melsonby garden this morning.
09:21 10-10-2019
Mel Redfearn
Way out of area but martins still seen yesterday along the coast and willow warbler in garden at Littlestone on Sea, Kent, makes the autumn/winter seem shorter.
17:32 09-10-2019
Nick Morgan
Small numbers of Swallows moving low west through Ainderby this evening, closely followed by groups of Redwings.
10:59 08-10-2019
Andy Johnston
Regular parties of redwings over Scruton 8-11am. In addition numerous small groups of skylarks. Yesterday small party of swallows feeding on lee side of wood plus peregrine . ( All birds mentioned were heading south.
18:44 07-10-2019
Mike Wood
c500 Redwings went south over Melsonby between 9am and mid-day this morning, mostly small groups of 2 to 20 but four larger flocks between c50 and c80 birds.
10:10 07-10-2019
John Rodmell
Borrowby.Approx 20 Redwing over the garden heading south at 10am today.
17:55 06-10-2019
Surprised to see six house martins over the Swale at Round Howe this afternoon feeding in the rain! Seemingly leaving it a bit late...
20:08 05-10-2019
Martin WW
Redwing back in the dale (Low Common Lane Fremington-Langthwaite ) along with jay
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