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15:15 28-02-2021
David Miller
Good numbers of displaying lapwing, curlew and skylark on moors above Feldom Ranges. Pair of green woodpecker seen.
19:49 27-02-2021
A Merlin was seen just outside of Caldwell this afternoon.
12:30 27-02-2021
Jackie Fallows
Just south of Northallerton on A167 around 10.15: Andy saw a white-tailed eagle drifting slowly north east on a thermal. Phone pics too distant to determine age.
10:07 26-02-2021
John Rodmell
Borrowby, 09-40. Circa 90 Pink Footed Geese flew North over the garden.
22:00 22-02-2021
David Miller
Small flocks X3 of lapwings returning to moors around Feldom Ranges this afternoon. Also noted on my travels X2 buzzard, green woodpecker heard not seen
19:26 22-02-2021
Sunday on Barningham Moor: c 700 Golden Plover were flying west and c 90 went south. Male Black Grouse and good numbers of Skylark were back on the moor.
16:41 22-02-2021
Andy B
1st Brimstone of the year flying at Nosterfield this afternoon as well as a flock of about 15 Siskins moving through the trees at the northern end of the reserve.
18:19 15-02-2021
Bolton-on-Swale, 2 Stonechat on set aside near the car park this afternoon
13:25 15-02-2021
Ian Webster
Flask Lake, Nosterfield. 1Drake Smew at 11.30hrs also 26 Barnacle Geese.
14:21 14-02-2021
Yesterday at Caldwell, 4 Snipe and a Woodcock. Several Lapwing and 3 Ruff were on a unfrozen pool that was being fed by an underground stream.
16:37 12-02-2021
Tony Burn
Two male Blackcaps in Bagby garden today plus a Redpoll
21:26 11-02-2021
Nick Morgan
No further sign of the Dusky in Ainderby
20:02 10-02-2021
Gaz Atkinson
Also garden first - Song Thrush ruffling the leaves to get to worms i presume. No need to set the mornign alarm clock when she gets singing.
20:01 10-02-2021
Gaz Atkinson
First Blackcap in Catterick Village today - SPRINGS ON ITS WAY
16:45 09-02-2021
Nick Morgan
I've had a Dusky Warbler in our garden in Ainderby!! Present for about five minutes but no further sign so far
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