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17:28 07-02-2021
Tony Burn
Male Blackcap on feeders in garden today.Two Robins fighting with third one watching-spring is on the way.
13:50 03-02-2021
Barbara Crinson
Male Blackcap showed up again this morning and from the wide choice of food on offer it chose sunflower hearts. I feel quite privileged to have this little chap around. I hope someone else is lucky!
08:25 02-02-2021
Barbara Crinson
Male Blackcap in the front garden this morning - perhaps the same one that was in the back on Sunday!
3 Blackbird, 2 Blue Tit, 2 Chaffinch, 1 Coal Tit, 1 Dunnock, 4 Goldfinch, 2 Great Tit, 3 Greenfinch, 1 Long-tailed Tit, 1 Magpie, 1 Robin, 1 Starling, 1 Wren
19:16 01-02-2021
BGB Sat,
Blackbird 5, Blue Tit 2, Great Tit 2, Goldfinch 4, Dunnock 1, Collard Dove 2, Wood Pigeon 2, Starling 1, House Sparrow 4. Tree Sparrow 4, Robin 3, Chaffinch 4, Wren 1.
Birds that failed to show up on the day, Siskin, Coal Tit and LT Tit. 26 House Sparrow were in the hedge over the road but they did not fancy the food on offer!
08:46 01-02-2021
Melanie Jane Redfear
Tawny owl calling in Catterick Village last night, haven't heard one for years.
07:53 01-02-2021
5 black birds, 3 wood pigeon, 3 blue tits, 2 great tits, 2 long tailed tits, 1 robin, 1 wren, 2 magpie.
A little egret fly over and a barn owl (which I filmed) hunting in a field.
11:59 31-01-2021
Big Garden Birdwatch Friday 30th,

Blackbird 4, Blue tit 2, Bullfinch 1, Chaffinch 4, Coal tit 1, Collard dove 2, Dunnock 3, Goldfinch 7, Great tit 1, Greenfinch 1, House Sparrow 2, Jackdaw 5, Magpie 1, Pied Wagtail 1, Robin 1, Starling 2, Stock dove 1, Woodpigeon 2

Plus Grey Heron flyby

How did everyone else do?
10:10 31-01-2021
Barbara Crinson
Male Blackcap in my back garden, Richmond, this morning. Pity it was not here yesterday when I did the Big Garden Birdwatch!!
12:37 29-01-2021
Andy Johnston
5 siskin on garden feeder this morning at Scruton
17:52 26-01-2021
A big flock (300-400) of Pink-footed Geese with a single Barnacle Goose feeding in Little Smeaton this morning. No scope with me so couldn’t count them more accurately.
12:07 26-01-2021
Red Kite spotted hovering in a field between Melmerby and Wath late yesterday afternoon
10:59 20-01-2021
Lucy Woodward
a Little Egret just south of Melsonby on Monday afternoon near the beck
16:19 18-01-2021
Jackie Fallows
A treecreeper and six crossbills - 3m, 3f - in pines along lane between South Otterington and Maunby this afternoon.
16:29 15-01-2021
East Layton, c 55 P F Geese were flying west this morning. A Peregrine was at Caldwell this afternoon.
11:12 11-01-2021
Lucy Woodward
In a field near Uckerby, near Scorton - 41 swans....41 !!
unfortuately couldnt identify them as I was on my bike
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