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20:02 02-09-2020
Gareth W
Yesterday at Smallways Lake. A female Marsh Harrier spent 10 minutes hunting before flying west.
08:52 01-09-2020
Andy Johnston
Great views of hobby over Scruton yesterday morning. Still have a pair of swifts with active nest.
08:02 29-08-2020
Nick Morgan
Hobby chasing Swallows in Ainderby yesterday evening
19:51 28-08-2020
Gareth W
A Peregrine juv having a go at the Lapwing flock.
20:34 27-08-2020
Osprey at Lingham lake, Nosterfield quarry, Flew towards Flask lake at 13:20
21:09 20-08-2020
Gaz Atkinson
Drive up onto the moors behind Marske this evening, Kestrels galore - dozens of them from Marske mood over towards Holgate pasture. But even better was 2 possibly 3 Short Eared owls. Sod’s law the light failed us.
19:25 17-08-2020
Gareth W
Pallet Hill, 2 Ringed Plover with 3 juveniles. Smallways Lake, 3 Green Sandpiper.
15:28 14-08-2020
Gareth W
A juvenile Marsh Harrier and a Hobby which was carrying a Swallow were at Smallways this afternoon.
21:16 09-08-2020
Mark Britton
Heard this unusual bird 'singing' on several occasions on South Parade but never managed to see it. This morning a ring necked parakeet flew down the access road behind my flat on South Parade !
20:05 09-08-2020
Gareth W
Cleasby Lake, the weather was a bit dull this afternoon for Dragonflies with only Common, Azure and Red-eyed Damselfly seen on the pond. Walking back to the car I found a stunning male Southern Hawker hanging from a twig in the hedgerow.
19:40 05-08-2020
Gareth W
Smallways Lake, Peregrine juv, 17 Black-tailed Godwit, Ruff 5, Dunlin 2, Snipe 2, Common Sandpiper 2 and a Redshank.
16:58 04-08-2020
Gareth W
A Turnstone with a yellow flag above the knee and a yellow ring below the knee was at Smallways this afternoon. Both on right leg.
09:08 02-08-2020
Mel Redfearn
Nosterfield yesterday, l egret, heron, shelduck, avocet, c tern, c sandpiper, l & gc grebe, snipe, golden plover, dunlin, lesser yellowlegs (N American wader that has been there on and off since Jan).
08:07 30-07-2020
Ian Webster
07.45hrs. Ulshaw near Middleham, Osprey following river towards Masham.
17:40 29-07-2020
Lucy Woodward
A Peregrine falcon flew over me while I was cycling passed Croft Circuit. I knew something was up there because the birds were all frantic. It went into full stealth bomber mode but didnt get anything. Superb to watch so close. Robin King and I saw one in that area a few years ago...hopefully same one.
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