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11:21 25-04-2022
.Mel Redfesrn
Catterick Village, seen chiffchaff in garden
07:30 23-04-2022
Mel Redfearn
First swallow seen in Catterick Village on Wed and female blackcap in garden.
14:20 21-04-2022
andy b
Common Blue Butterfly in garden in Romanby this morning
13:07 17-04-2022
Andy Johnston
Osprey over Swale at Scruton 11.00am heading down river towards Morton Bridge
20:40 15-04-2022
Caldwell: Red Kite, LR Plover, Yellow Wagtail, Redstart and my first Sand Martin.
20:06 13-04-2022
Andy Johnston
Just watched our first pair of swallows fly around their nesting sight in the late evening sun. Definitely made my day.
11:58 08-04-2022
Gareth W
Scorton GP. 2 Green Sandpiper, 21 Avocet and an Egyptian Goose.
18:54 07-04-2022
Robin King
Blackcap singing and a swallow by the tees at croft today
12:21 06-04-2022
An Osprey flew along the beck at Caldwell this morning.
08:18 04-04-2022
Surrender Bridge
2 × Ring Ouzel and Wheatear
14:37 30-03-2022
andy b
Skylarks and Yellowhammers singing on Monday at Thirsk golf club
10:25 26-03-2022
Gaz Atkinson
Pair of house martins over Catterick village this mirning
09:31 24-03-2022
Andy B
First Brimstone butterflies seen near Thirsk yesterday
19:09 23-03-2022
Gareth W
My first Redstart of the year was found at the Stang this morning. A Brimstone Butterfly was noted at Piercebridge this afternoon.
17:04 18-03-2022
John G
Did a recce at The Stang for next week's group walk. On the way up a sickly looking Peregrine perched only 50m from us on a peat hag. At The Stang were Kestrel, Merlin, Buzzard, Raven, Crossbills, and flock of about 200 Golden Plover flying around. No Black Grouse at Shaw Farm but it was midday.
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