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15:13 20-03-2020
Gareth W
A Little-ringed Plover was at Smallways Lake this afternoon.
14:40 20-03-2020
Mick Crawford
Nosterfield Black-necked Grebe & Lesser Yellowlegs - Reserve
Smew - Lingham
Little Owl - usual tree.
08:22 20-03-2020
Gaz Atkinson
Bit of a late post but had a Red Kite over Catterick village on Tuesday. That’s a first for me in my patch.
The furthest north I’ve seen one.
16:38 19-03-2020
At least 10 Chiffchaffs singing along the Swale on private land at Kiplin this morning
15:34 19-03-2020
Chiffchaff singing in Croft this afternoon
08:33 19-03-2020
Gareth Wainwright
Yesterday at the Stang. A group of 9 Crossbills including juveniles, a displaying Sparrowhawk, 3 Raven and 100+ Golden Plover.
20:38 16-03-2020
John Edwards
Ring Ouzel singing downstream from Surrender Bridge this morning
16:15 16-03-2020
Barbara Crinson
In confirmation of earlier tweet, Lesser Yellowlegs, Ruff and Avocet present on main lake at Nosterfield this morning - 10am.
Singing Chiffchaff.
Female Smew and Black Swan visible at Lingham
Pair of Little Owls on favourite tree.
Mistle Thrush singing.
14:45 10-03-2020
Gareth W
Smallways Lake, a Med Gull was back on the island and Avocet have increased to 17.
19:01 06-03-2020
14 Avocets at small ways this afternoon
12:38 04-03-2020
Nick Morgan
I had a Redwing in full song this morning near Morton-on-Swale, I don't recall ever hearing that before. Barn Owl and a pair of Grey Partridge the only other birds of note.
12:18 04-03-2020
John G
c110 Pinkfeet east over Richmond this morning, calling excitedly.
06:29 04-03-2020
Andy Johnston
4 chiffchaff feeding at Scruton sewage works yesterday afternoon. Plus 3 little egrets and green sandpiper at Swale
16:10 03-03-2020
Gareth W
24 Whooper Swan flew North over Forcett Hall this morning. There are now 6 Avocet at Smallways.
10:16 02-03-2020
Mike Gibson(BTO Rep)
If you are able to identify common birds by sight and sound and can spare a couple of mornings each Spring to carry out a survey on a given 1km square, I would love to hear from you as the BTO's Breeding Bird Survey has some vacant plots locally. Make your birding count! You can contact me at Thank you.
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