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16:33 24-05-2022
Forcett, An Osprey appeared to be heading for Forcett Hall lake but turned south towards Richmond. About 4pm.
21:02 22-05-2022
Cuckoo in flight at Caldwell this morning
20:59 22-05-2022
Nick Morgan
Osprey north over Ainderby Steeple this evening
19:13 17-05-2022
Mel Redfearn
Swifts seen in Catterick Village.
19:33 16-05-2022
A male Garganey was at Smallways Lake this afternoon and a Wood Sandpiper was noted at Thorpe Farm.
12:53 15-05-2022
Smallways Lake, Grasshopper Warbler reeling plus a Shoveler with young.
16:43 11-05-2022
Smallways Lake, Wood Sandpiper, Dunlin and 2 LR Plover.
11:26 08-05-2022
Scorton Lake, good numbers of House Martin, Swallow and Sand Martin. Several Swift and a Hobby were also seen. Banks Lake had a male Garganey and a Garden Warbler.
09:47 08-05-2022
john Rodmell
Borrowby, Thirsk.First two swifts arrived this morning. A few days earlier than normal.
12:54 30-04-2022
Nick Morgan
A walk along the river at Morton-on-Swale - still a small flock of Fieldfare, six singing Corn Bunting, first Lesser Whitethroat, three pairs of Grey Partridge, three Yellow Wagtails, Kingfisher and three Little Egret
17:59 26-04-2022
Brignall Banks: 2 male and 1 female Pied Flycatcher, 4 Redstart and a calling Tawny Owl.
11:21 25-04-2022
.Mel Redfesrn
Catterick Village, seen chiffchaff in garden
07:30 23-04-2022
Mel Redfearn
First swallow seen in Catterick Village on Wed and female blackcap in garden.
14:20 21-04-2022
andy b
Common Blue Butterfly in garden in Romanby this morning
13:07 17-04-2022
Andy Johnston
Osprey over Swale at Scruton 11.00am heading down river towards Morton Bridge
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