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17:16 23-05-2019
Pied flycatcher singing at Hudswell Woods this morning, on the top edge of Calfhall wood, just east of the caravan site. Not a regular visitor to this part of the woods so quite interesting.
10:34 20-05-2019
Richard Stephenson
SMALLWAYS Common Crane came into roost at 9.35pm 4th night running, it looks like it's feeding to the north in Co Durham
10:43 19-05-2019
Gareth W
Shoveler with 8 chicks at Smallways this morning.
19:03 18-05-2019
Richard Stephenson
Hard going away from the coast for migrants, Bolton on Swale gp complex Bar-tailed Godwit,Ruff little else
17:10 17-05-2019
Gaz Atkinson
Fantastic views of Garden Warbler on Catterick Racecourse yesterday, a first for me and on which now brings me to doubt what i thought was a Whitethroat call.
Photos on my twitter account if anyones interested @gazatkinsonpics
Hope its no problem me posting my twitte account.
08:25 14-05-2019
Mel Redfearn
Swifts flying over Catterick Village yesterday, lovely to hear.
05:21 13-05-2019
Andy Johnston
Red kite circling garden in Scruton 6.0pm yesterday evening.
20:29 12-05-2019
Jackie Fallows
Swifts back in South Otterington yesterday evening.
14:52 12-05-2019
Gareth W
Stang Forest, a Cuckoo being mobbed by 2 pipits, no sign of any Tree Pipit but I got my first Spotted Flycatcher of the year.
17:49 11-05-2019
Nick Morgan
Swifts back in Ainderby at last although only noticed them because I was watching a stream of buzzards moving north-east over the village
11:57 11-05-2019
andy b
House Martins back in Romanby
11:24 11-05-2019
John and Norma
Borrowby,we now have 16/18 Swifts and 8 house martins returned.
11:22 11-05-2019
Chris Knight
I take it back... sand martins back in the village. Also, watched a female cuckoo working a reeded drain from the adjoining willow trees. She would fly to and land vertically on the trunk of a tree like a giant treecreeper before dropping in to the dyke and returning to the willows. Fascinating. Second cuckoo in two years after a long absence.
07:36 11-05-2019
Chris Knight
A couple of sedge warbler around Thrintoft this morning. Still no swift or house martin?!
09:09 09-05-2019
Gareth W
Smallways Lake, 15 Turnstone made a brief visit .
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